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Preparing your home for a Photo Shoot.

ONLINE is where buyers start, so it is important to make a great first impression.  Follow these tips to prepare your home for the best real estate photos possible.

What to expect during the photo shoot:

General tips for all areas in the home:

  • Thoroughly clean whole house (Vacuum carpet, mop floors, clean countertops, clean windows)

  • Consider removing any excess furniture to create more space.

  • Remove any seasonal/holiday items. (You don't want them to think your home has been on the market too long)

  • Turn all overhead lights and lamps on (make sure bulbs are not burned out and are the same color)

  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF

  • Turn TV's and computer screens OFF

  • Open blinds let the light in.

  • Remove all personal photos.

  • Remove rugs to show actual flooring underneath.

  • Put shoes/jackets in closets

Front Exterior

  • Close Garage doors

  • Remove vehicles from the driveway

  • Clean up the Landscaping (Mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves)

  • Remove visible hoses, toys, etc.


  • Clean patio, tidy up tables, chairs and cushions.

  • Clear away kids toys.

  • Remove hoses and trash cans.

  • Open umbrellas, uncover grills.

  • Pools should be cleaned and any water features turned on.


  • Clear countertop clutter to a minimum.

  • Clear magnets off Refrigerator.

  • Remove dishes from sink.

  • Hide garbage can.

  • Remove all items from the top of Refrigerator.


Dining Room

  • Use decorative centerpiece such as a bouquet of flowers.

  • Remove any child booster seats.

  • Straighten all chairs and space evenly.

  • Use decorative place setting if available.


Living Room/Family Room

  • Remove all magazines, mail, newspapers, etc.

  • Remove kids toys and clutter



  • Make beds.

  • Clear nightstands of personal items.

  • Remove clutter from the top of dressers.

  • Clean under bed, removing items that may show in the photos.

  • Store away phone/tablet cords.

  • I do not do closets, unless it is something you want emphasized, if so make sure it is neat and tidy.



  • Clear countertops of all toiletries and personal items, leave decorative items only.

  • Remove all products, soap, sponges, loofahs, etc. from tub/shower area.

  • Make sure mirrors are clean and spot free.

  • Make sure all lightbulbs above sink are working and same color.

  • Remove dirty towels, use fresh clean ones hanging nicely.

  • Remove laundry hampers and floor mats.



  • Remove food and water bowls to pantry or garage.

  • Remove pet beds out of sight.

  • Contain pets during ​shoot.

  • Clear waste from backyard.



  • I only take photos of the garage if it has a work area or storage you want emphasized.  Typically this is the best place to hide all the stuff we need out of the rooms ​for the photos.  

I do not:

  • Move or re-arrange furniture.

  • Make beds, clean, dust or declutter.

  • Pick up toys or yard items.

  • Touch personal bathroom supplies.

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